We are iPermit. We get your permits from your local city and county offices faster than anyone else. We have been pulling permits for years and we know all the ins and outs of the city and county offices.

We are a bpi goldstar contractor, and hers rating company. Once you get your permits, we can go to your clients home, and perform the hers inspection, following the latest title 24 codes. We use state of the art equipment, our technicians are certified and treat your customers with respect and care.

Combining these two services allows your company to save time and money. No more sending employees to wait in line at the city, no more waiting for documentation to get mailed to customers, and all hers tests are performed quickly and properly.

If that’s not enough, we also work with the energy upgrade california program, so we can help your clients get california rebates for homes meeting the california energy requirements, and we will handle all the paperwork!

Additionally we are partners with the hero program which gives your clients financing options and incentives.

Give us a call and try us out! Your first permit and hers inspection is free!!!