• Over 40+ years of experience
  • No need to pay an employee to fight traffic to and from various building and safety departments.
  • Eliminate long lines… We stand in line so you don’t have to
  • We get California building permits faster by simplifying the difficult and complicated building permit process
  • Our experts are local to your area, so we know the people and procedures that get your projects approved
  • Over 100+ contractors use our permit expediting service
  • We have a state-of-the-art website that makes requesting permits easy
  • Our expert staff has pulled more than 500,000 permits, serving clients in all counties throughout California


  • iPERMIT ERATERS is an independent, third-party HERS Rating company that simplifies the Title 24 process for you and your customers
  • We are a competitively priced, one-stop shop for all of your energy efficiency needs
  • It’s easy to access your jobs using our online portal
  • We conduct field inspections and diagnostic testing of your building’s energy performance and mechanical equipment
  • We process your customer’s final documents, submit certifications, and assure compliance with California energy codes to complete the permitting process.


  • The EUC program is designed to reward your customers for choosing energy efficient options for their homes, and our knowledge of the program, allows us to ensure that each project is handled correctly from start to finish
  • The rebates from the EUC program are the perfect incentive for your customers to choose high efficiency options
  • Our system, allows us to integrate the EUC inspection, HERS testing, and permits. This seamless approach simplifies the process for both your company and the customer
  • With our integrated approach, our field inspectors, and application specialists work with your installers and office team to ensure great results and satisfied customers