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You can scan your documents and upload them to our Portal. Scanning with a desktop scanner is recommended for optimum quality.

However, in some cases you may have techs in the field and you may need to send us documents or even a photograph so we can approve your permit. We do accept photos taken with your phone, but we would appreciate if you can take the time to take a “good” photo. Image quality is key for us to be able to use the document for legal purposes. Most of the time we can optimize your images for you to help make them clearer. There are a few things you and your company can do to help us with this though.

If you must take a photo from a mobile device such as iPhone or Droid, Currently, most of our contractors will simply use the camera, if you are going to use the basic camera, please ensure you have proper lighting, and move the document into frame as best as possible eliminating trapezoid documents and weird angles. Although this is the easiest way to get images sent to us, the quality is becoming an issue.


We want to introduce an app called Dropbox to you, if you don’t use it already.

Dropbox is a file sharing app first, and provides scanning to PDF functionality. This means you can have a folder called Scans on each technician’s phone, allowing them to take a photo and convert it to a scanned PDF. It allows editing of the scan to enhance and make the document clearer to read for business purposes. Using the Dropbox scanning feature is quick and easy and provides much higher quality scans for us to use for your permits. If you can please train your technicians to take better photos or to use the following setup to send us scans we would very much appreciate it as when low quality images are sent to us, it can hinder or slow down your permit or job process, and simply taking 20 seconds to get a better photo can make all the difference.

iPermit recommends you download Dropbox from the App Store or Play Store

“Cam Scanner” or other Photo Scanning apps can work as an alternative but some use watermarks or make you purchase the app, Dropbox however, is free.

Setting up Dropbox

You will need to create a Dropbox account to use if you do not have one, you can create one here.

You can also use the same Dropbox account for all techs giving them one shared scans folder if you wish, otherwise individual folders can be setup, but this is secondary to actually using the scanning functionality.

Once you have Dropbox installed and setup on your device you can start a scan. On the next page,you will find instructions to scan using Dropbox


Scanning a document using Dropbox App

  1. Open the Dropbox app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the + (plus sign) button.
  3. Choose Scan Document.
    • Take a picture of content you want to transform into a document.
    • Or, select an existing image in your Camera Roll.
  4. If you choose to take a picture, point your camera at the object you want to scan. A border outlines the shape you’re scanning. Make sure:
    • Your document is not crumpled
    • There is no glare on what you’re photographing
    • You hold your device directly above what you’re photographing
    • To include only what you want to scan
  5. If needed, you can scan more pages. Or, you can move on to editing your doc. (Instructions on scanning more pages and editing docs follow.)

Scan a doc into your Dropbox

Edit and arrange your scan

After scanning a doc, the next screen is the Edit view. The icons on the bottom of this view represent the actions you can take to edit your scan.

You can also tap Arrange (beside Edit) to reorder the pages of your scan. In the Arrange view, long press a page to drag and reorder it.

The Edit view

Adjust your scan

  1. From the Edit screen, tap the icon with the three sliders at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Edit the area of your scanned document by moving the blue dots on each corner of the scan.
  3. Under Filter, decide what format you want the scan in.
  4. If desired, use the slider to adjust the contrast (this option is only available for some filters).
  5. When you’re satisfied with your edits, tap Done.

The Adjust view

Save your scan

  1. From the Edit screen, tap Next to enter the Settings view.
  2. Name your file and decide on a file type.
  3. Decide where to save your document.

Save your scan

Then simply email the file to us or whoever it needs to go to