Our company does about 300 HERS tests and pulls about 500 permits a week.

You can call in your orders by phone, or fax them to us 24 hours a day.  Our Fax # is 818-735-3575
If you are a new customer or need help logging into the contractor portal,
Please contact our office on how to sign up for Web orders. 818-735-7876

All you have to do is put the order on our contractor portal and we handle the rest!   We take that order and pull the permit, then we call your customer and schedule the HERS test (we work with their schedule), then we take the permit and all the HERS documents and mail them directly to your homeowner, with an inspection letter, walking them through setting up their final inspection.   We try and eliminate as much paperwork and aggravation from our contractors office as we can.   Also, in regards to our website,  we upload a copy of your permit as well as all HERS certificates directly to that job.  So when you log in, you can pick any customer, and when you go into their file, you will see all their documents.  Also, our website has a calendar for our HERS jobs, so you can see on a calendar when your jobs are scheduled for HERS testing.