For City fees, iPERMIT ERATERS is loaning the Company the city charges, so we expect to be paid in a reasonable manner. These fees are in no way iPermit Eraters responsibility and are not to be 1099ed to us. iPermit Eraters will keep track of our charges and fees. The total of these fees and charges will be provided at year-end, so that the Company can have an accurate figure to submit for 1099 purposes.

If the company cannot pay within fifteen (15) days, iPERMIT ERATERS, will require a deposit as a retainer.  Based on the type of permits you need and your approximate volume of work within a 30-day period, we will come up with, and agree to a retainer dollar amount. Your retainer, is held in our Trust Account, and checks are written from this account to each city on your behalf. You will be invoiced for each job you have requested permits for, and each invoice will include city charges as well as our service charges. When you pay the total invoice(s) amount(s), you will be reimbursing the funds withdrawn from your retainer account, which will maintain your retainer account balance for ongoing new orders. Your retainer deposit is refundable or adjustable at any time, providing your account is paid in full. Your retainer will be automatically applied to any past due balances that are not paid or unresolved, after a reasonable time.