Below is a sample letter of authorization we have prepared in an acceptable fashion for all cities.  We have specifically prepared this letter, so that you can fill in the blanks, and then print it directly onto your letterhead.  You must prepare 7 original letters for us on your letterhead.  Then the owner or president of your Company can sign and have each letter notarized.

You must fill in the following blanks on this letter:

1.         “COMPANY NAME”:  Your Company Name.

2.         “CONTRACTOR STATE LICENSE & CLASS”:  Fill in.

3.         “BY”:  Print or type in the person’s name signing the letter.

4.         “TITLE”:  The title of person who is signing the letter i.e.:  President or Owner

5.         “SIGNATURE”:  The signature of this person.  This signature must be notarized.

6.         All signatures must be in blue ink, including notary.

7.         Has to have acknowledgement page from notary.

v  Note:

  • Our signatures do not have to be notarized.


Auth Letter