iPermit specializes in permit expediting & HERS testing. We have been pulling permits for the past 30 years and pull more permits than any other company in California. We have been expanding our role in the construction field.  Before, we were solely a permit service that expedited permits for contractors.  Now, we are one of the largest HERS rating companies in California as well. We are BPI certified. We work with HERO and the Energy Upgrade California programs as well.

iPermit offers full compliance testing for Title 24 HVAC HERS Documentation

Services include:

  • Duct Leakage Testing / HERS Testing / Title 24
  • Refrigerant Charge Measurement
  • Cooling Coil Airflow
  • Fan / Watt Draw
  • Smoke / Fog Testing for Duct Leakage Location
  • Document Preparation: CF-1R, CF-4R, CF-6R
  • Building Permits
  • Permit Expediting Services
  • HERO Mortgage
  • Home Energy Upgrade Program
  • Energy Upgrade California
  • Much more!

We offer a “start-to-finish” solution that ensures full compliance with Title 24 standards. We take care of all the standard permits, city specific forms, and inspection letters and can mail all Title 24 certificates or documents to the homeowners, saving you time and money. We verify efficiencies accurately, using specialized testing equipment and computer software. These verifications allow us to understand how our clients are constructing their homes and how well the house works as a system and will be performing for the homeowner.  Contractors who call on us for duct testing or assistance with permits in Southern California or Northern California, know that we respond promptly and at a competitive price.