A building permit contains information concerning a construction projects compliance to the applicable building codes for residential or commercial structures.

Building codes are enforced by municipalities for these projects in order to ensure that safety and aesthetic designs adhere to certain covenant restrictions required by their municipal code within those specific locations.


It is very import to obtain the proper building permit for all construction related projects. One reason that permits are required is so that the government can maintain proper safety regulations for all types of public and private property. The second most important concern is that permits allow builders and contractors to learn how to best employ applicable building safety codes on every level.


Owners, builders, developers and contractors or anyone else concerned with a construction project are expected to follow building permit rules and regulations so that structures are safe to occupy. Electricians, plumbers and others will secure what are sometimes called trade permits.

It is a common to believe that building permits are only required when buildings are being constructed. However, many areas require that a building permit be in place even when making improvements or repairs, improvements or additions to structures.


Depending upon the amount of construction that is going on in any given area, permit applications can take as long as 4 weeks on average to review. Also, there are times when permits will not be accepted by relevant officials for certain reasons. When this occurs, builders will receive notification including the changes necessary so that the building permit may be granted.

Since performing construction work without a permit usually results in a fine, it is critical to ensure that all necessary documentation is in place prior to embarking upon any property improvement or construction project.

Building permits and building code is as old as civilization itself. The ancient kingdom of Babylonia had a building code called the Code of Hammurabai that laid out how the builders of the day could construct the different buildings.

Lately the trend in building permits have been to issue them online. Depending on the city or county where they live, Homeowners can often apply for simple permits online such as dishwasher, water heater, window and re-roofing permits. These permits are generally easy to secure and only require a minimum amount of time and effort to secure.

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